Complete or Partial Rewire

Do your fuses blow or circuit breakers trip often? Are your electrics old and tired, or has the previous owner been doing some ill-advised DIY? If so, it’s time to get your installation checked out. A partial or full rewire can solve your problems.

Additional Sockets and Circuits

Do you use lots of socket adaptors or have unsightly extension cables trailing the floor? You can never have enough sockets! Overloaded sockets are a fire risk, so why not install some extra ones?

Extra Lighting

Pendants, downlights, spotlights, and security lighting.

Smoke Alarms

No house should be without them. They could save your life.

Outside Power

Garage, Shed and IP66 Garden Circuits

Sockets and lighting for sheds, garages and gardens.

Electric Showers

New or upgraded circuits for showers.

IP66 Garden Circuits